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Benefits of INCOLD Institutional/Organizational Membership:

  • INCOLD Journal published Half yearly
  • Literature/Information bulletins of seminar/ conferences pertaining to the subject being organized by INCOLD/ICOLD and other organization in India/abroad
  • Can submit papers to International Seminar/Conferences through the National Committee i.e. INCOLD
  • Discounted rates in procurement of ICOLD and INCOLD publications
  • Nomination of representatives in the various Committees of INCOLD/ICOLD
  • 2 officers of the organizations enrolled as Member of the INCOLD
  • ICOLD Newsletter received from ICOLD Headquarters
  • Draft ICOLD Bulletins
  • Distribution of ICOLD documents/Guidelines on Dam Engineering as received from ICOLD Headquarter as National Committee
  • Subsidized/discounted (10%) registration fee for attending the INCOLD Workshops/ Conferences

  • Organizational Membership fee is Rs. 20,000/- per year and Life Membership (For 10 years period) is currently available for a one-time fee of 2,00,000/-.
  • To join INCOLD, you may go directly to on-line Membership Forms for Individual Membership or Organizational Membership. Contact the INCOLD Office for additional information or to receive a Membership Application Form by mail:

  • Indian Committee on Large Dams (INCOLD)

    Plot No. 4, Institutional Area
    CBIP Building, Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021, India
    Phone: 91-11-26116567/6111294/26115984 - Fax: 91-11-26116347